About Zapact

When you are looking forward to buy a new smartphone, there are so many options available in the market that you might feel frustrated sometimes. With so many networks, retailers, tariffs and deals available to choose from it’s really important that you opt for the exact deal. The deal or plan you choose should match your usage requirements at a price that fits your budget and brings you the handset you really want.

At Zapact, we take this strain of choosing the new phone deal by providing you with the advanced filter options. These filters will enable you to choose from millions of the mobile deals available and grab the perfect package.

We bring you the option to choose your desired phone, along with how many minutes of calls and how much monthly data you need. Our filters will get you through thousands of tariffs available, showing you the best options at the cheapest prices. We affiliate for all of the leading mobile networks and retailers to guarantee that you have access to the most comprehensive database of mobile contracts and upgrade deals to choose from.

Not only this, but we also bring you the latest mobile phone news of the present day along with the Phones review reports and comparisons of their specifications.

Our Aim:

  • We aim at reporting the latest news, reviews and other updating of mobile technology.
  • We aim at delivering unbiased reviews and views of the mobile phones, gadgets, software and various hardware specifications.
  • We aim at bringing you the latest upto date coverage of all the latest developments in the mobile industry.
  • We aim to bring the hands-on reviews on the latest phones with videos and photos.