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The Ultimate Guide to unlocking an iPhone using Any SIM Network in the UK

Now unlocking your iPhone in order to use any SIM network in the UK has become very easy. In this article, you’ll find our guide to unlocking an iPhone legally for free. Just read on:

How to unlock an iPhone from EE:
If you have had your T-Mobile, Orange or EE account for around 6 months, and have done the bill payments timely, EE will unlock the iPhone for you. At a cost of £8.99, EE will unlock it and it could take up to 7 days.

How to unlock an iPhone on Vodafone:
Vodafone also needs you to have an account and if your details are available to them, you can directly use Vodafone’s online form. The company will take up to 48 hours to get back to you and at least 10 days for unlocking it. It will cost you £19.99.


How to unlock an iPhone from Three:
Three actually makes things easier. If you have bought an iPhone from its site after 1st January 2014, then your iPhone will be automatically unlocked when you’ll connect it to iTunes or Wi-Fi. Otherwise, you can fill out the online form of Three also.

How to unlock an iPhone on O2:
You need to fill in an online form for unlocking the iPhone if it locked to O2. You can even unlock it anytime if you’re a paid monthly client; however, you still need to finish paying for the remaining of your contract. It will cost £15 and will take up to 72 hours for unlocking the iPhone.

How to unlock an iPhone from Virgin Mobile:
According to Virgin, if an iPhone bought from the company within the last year or so, will be unlocked already; however, some older iPhones might not have this opportunity. Well, you need to update your iPhone to either iOS 8 or iOS 9.

How to unlock an iPhone from Tesco Mobile:
If you have with Tesco Mobile for twelve months or more, and if you have finished your contract, you can get an unlock code from the company for free by calling at 03453014455 and selecting “Unlock Your Mobile” option.

How to unlock an iPhone by Giffgaff:
The handy tool giffgaff helps you measure how you can unlock your iPhone from its network.

How to unlock an iPhone using an iPhone unlocking service:
You can contact your carrier and ask them for unlocking the iPhone. This is named as mobile phone unlocking service. Some retailers arrange the unlock code for a cost of £25. If it’s unavailable, you can find online services also to unlock your iPhone.

After turning back the iPhone on, finish the setup assistant and restore your iPhone from the backup you made. Then you can insert the new SIM card and it’ll start working. So, finally, your iPhone is unlocked!

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iPhone 7 Plus: How to Use Its Second Camera to the Fullest

iPhone 7 Plus’ second camera is much more appropriate than many users basically think. While combined with the standard 28mm standard optic frame, this 56mm lens aims to create the image with the relevant quality.

Many users and followers think that size contrast is basically what differs the iPhone 7 from the iPhone 7 Plus. Looking thoroughly, the camera is the single element which sets the newest devices of Apple apart.
Many people don’t even know much about the iPhone 7 Plus’ second optical feature. This unit features a pair of 12MP camera which lets the high-quality image integration. Both photo clickers have comparing lenses. One is equipped with a 28mm f/1.8 wide angle optic. Another has a 56mm f/2.8 lens known as telephoto that zooms in on a subject without compromising image quality the way generally digital zoom does.

With its dual camera, Apple is considering a separate approach. The combination tries to settle the greater description of a subject from distant and straighten out the extent data between the 2 lenses via software.

Actually, the 56mm-frame is the 2nd camera. To the uninformed, a level of complication is first connected in activating the higher optic lens. Users have to tap the circle icon on the shutter button’s top, which signifies 1x, after opening the camera mode. If the user touches it, it’ll change the description to 2x range which implies that the second camera is not off.

The viewfinder should be used for zooming above 2x range. An additional option is sliding left, up and down to the right the point over the 1x icon. But, zooming previous 2x range will have a negative effect on the picture quality. Then the camera will only crop the image in real-time instead of receiving a close capture at a subject.
Going too much excessive regarding the second camera’s zoom limit also signifies expanding the pixels, and that’s why there is the first optic lens to give a meaningful balance in arriving up with a quality image. Photo editing apps are in place for addressing this kind of state.

Firstly, a picture is clicked by saving it as an unfiltered sensor data on iOS devices. After that, improvement begins. Then, third-party developers and Apple will experiment with computational photography to create synthesised videos and images. Possibly, this beta phase will be integrated into the next update of the iOS 10.

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Tips on Uninstalling iOS 10 & Downgrading to iOS 9

Presently, the free iOS 10 upgrade of Apple has been available for some days; however, what if you do not want this new OS on your mobile device?

Users are thankful that it is not too complicated for downgrading to iOS 9 if they do not prefer the latest version.

Before initiating the removal of iOS 10, it’s a good concept to ensure you backup your all data. This can be done through iTunes or iCloud on your computer.

For beginners, you should get hold of the most recent iOS 9 IPSW file. This is generally stored on your computer inside a folder named iPhone Software Updates and comprises of all the important files for reinstalling the software.

For iOS 9, the latest IPSW file is the version 9.3.2. Thus, the file must have a name like Your Mobile Name_9.3.5_Firmware Number_Restore.IPSW.

Downgrading iOS9

But the easy thing starts after you have gotten it. So, follow the steps mentioned below and you will be back running iOS 9 soon in no time:

  1. Connect your iPad or iPhone to your PC or Mac, open iTunes and then choose your device.
  2. Tap the Summary tab.
  3. If you are on a PC, hold down the Alt key, or, if you are on a Mac, hold down the Option key and then tap the Restore button.
  4. Finally, a dialogue box will open, where you will find the IPSW file and you’ll need to choose it. The PC will presently uninstall iOS 10 and reinstall the iOS 10 for you.

During this procedure, ensure the mobile device stays plugged into your PC. It must have downgraded to iOS 9 when it restarts.

iOS10 is described as the biggest iOS launch ever by Apple as the 10th installment of the company is the most important part of the software.

Users find this pre-installed on both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus; however, it needs to be downloaded on onto older devices of Apple.

Tips on Saving Your Mobile’s Data and Battery While Playing Pokemon Go

Have you spent your time before playing Pokémon Go? If yes, then you must know that it can be slight battery devour. Even, if you start playing this addicted game, you will find your phone’s battery down to lesser than 10% within 2 hours. So, have you had any idea how to spare some power without purchasing a battery pack?

Turning on the Battery Saver mode in the menu is the easiest way. At the bottom of the screen, you can tap the Poke Ball, click on the Settings in the top right corner and finally select the Battery Saver mode from that menu. Turning on this mode, you can easily turn your phone upside-down in your pocket for dimming the screen and sparing some important percentage points.

Pokemon Go Playing Tips - Battery Saver

If that is not sufficient, you can download your local city map at the same time from Google Maps ahead of time, so that the application does not need to pull in the data continuously as you walk around. For the first time, two Reddit users discovered it.

Steps for downloading your local city map data from the Google Maps app:

  • Open Google maps on your mobile
  • Click the hamburger menu
  • Navigate to the Settings menu
  • Click on Offline areas
  • Click on the suggested Home region or utilize the ‘+’ button right hand corner in the bottom for choosing a particular area of your map.

Though this app does not utilize up very much data, this can likewise help reduce the amount of data consumed by it as you are running around your city to catch the Pokemon. This will not be of much utilization to those with bigger data plans, however for some users of smartphone, each MB matters, so it is really worth to preload the data.

Ultimately, nobody has the ability of doubling the lifespan of your battery; however those additional few moments could be the difference in catching a Pikachu or a Scyther.

We would suggest you the following smartphones which deliver the best performance for playing Pokémon Go:  Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S7 from Samsung Phones and the honourable Xperia Z5 Premium from Sony Smartphones.


Process to enable and edit the keyboard shortcuts on BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry Priv is the first android phone of the company and is recently announced in some more European nations. Previously, this smartphone was available for purchase on the Shop BlackBerry only but now it can also be purchase from a retailer in UK. Today, we will show you how to set up and use the keyboard shortcuts on the Priv handset from BlackBerry.

One of the major features of this handset is the slide out physical keyboard. The hardware buttons are perfect for those who usually spend their days tapping away at emails and reports. However, the keyboard can be used to do more than just writing. For example, the keyboard can be used by you as a quick launch mechanism for applications. This is a trick which has been migrated by BlackBerry from its previous BB 10 OS smartphones. On the other hand, you can also use the keyboard shortcuts to turn on/off the Wi-Fi quickly or Bluetooth Certification.


The keyboard shortcuts are turned off by default, however, we will show you the process to turn them on and customize the shortcuts to match your workflow.

Step 1: Long Press the home screen of your BlackBerry Priv.

Step 2: You will be presented with four actions possible, now tap the Settings options. Please note that from these actions presented you can choose to change the wallpaper, add a new widget, or change the icon pack.

Step 3: Now, tap on typing and choose “Use a short press keyboard shortcut”

Step 4: You will be moved back to the BlackBerry’s launcher settings screen, where you will see a new “Keyboard shortcuts” tab.

Step 5: Once you turn on the Keyboard shortcuts, the launcher will automatically assign the actions to some of the keyboard buttons. All these predefined shortcuts will be listed in the new “Keyboard Shortcuts Tab”. To edit a default shortcut make a tap on the letter and then edit the action.

Step 6: If you want to add a new shortcut, then tap the +sign on a blank entry. Note that you will have to tap “All Shortcuts” on the next screen in order to make your choice from the available list of possible shortcuts.

Step 7: BlackBerry Priv has a physical keyboard with 26 different keys, all of which are capable of launching shortcuts. If you need more shortcuts then you should not worry but rather should move back to the keyboard shortcuts screen, where you will notice that there are two tabs available. One of these tabs is for short presses and the other one of for long presses. However, you should always make sure to create a sort of intuitive system while combining the short and long press shortcuts.


How to copy music to Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge from your Desktop, Apple iTunes or Mac.

This is a guide that will enable you to transfer your music files to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones from your desktop, Apple iTunes or Mac computer.

Transfer Music Albums from your Mac Computer to the Galaxy S6 phone:
The users of Mac computers should first download the new Android File Transfer app. This application is basically free software that can be used to drag and drop the music files between your computer and the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

This app can be easily downloaded by visiting the Google Play Store. Once you install this app, it should pop up as soon as you will plug your Galaxy S6 smartphone with you Mac computer. Samsung’s phone can be easily connected to your Mac computer using the micro USB cable. If still the Android File Transfer does not show up, just enter the Launchpad and find this application and then open it up manually.


Once you install this app and open it, you will see the list of directories on your S7 smartphone. You will also find the Music folder just make a double click on it. Now, you are required to just drag the music files and drop these from your Mac to the Android File Transfer windows, which will copy the music album automatically to the Samsung phone.

Transfer Music Albums from your windows PC to the Galaxy S6 phone:
Like the Mac Computer, you don’t need any additional software to copy music files from your Windows PC to the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. Just connect your phone with your PC using the USB cable and open the Windows Explorer window. This can also be done by hitting the Windows Key and “E” simultaneously.

Now, scroll down to the “Devices and Drivers” folder and you will find the Samsung S6 phone listed. Make a double click on this icon and then browse to the “Music” folder. If you don’t find your phone listed there, then unlock your phone and check out the notifications bar.

You should find an important notification at the bar. Your phone must be connected as a media device, if it is not so then change it. Find the folder with your music in it on your Windows phone and then simply drag and drop the files that you want to transfer to your smartphone.
Transfer Music Albums from Apple’s iTunes to your phone:
If you want to copy the music from your iTunes to the PC or Mac then you can simply drag and drop these but only if the music albums are already stored on your computer. Else, you can download the Samsung Kies Software and install it on your Mac and Windows PC. This will allow you to simply drag and drop the music albums from iTunes to your Galaxy S6 phone.

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How to free up storage on your Apple iPhone or iPad Devices

Are you running out of space on your iPhone or iPad device? Then, here are the tricks how can you delete the unnecessary junk from your phone and create some extra space for your applications and media in just a few steps.

Delete the apps not used by you any longer:

This is a simple to do thing but is really effective for increasing the storage on your iPhone. Browse through your iPhone or iPad device and find the applications that are no longer of any use to you. Now, tap and hold your finger on them. Tap the mini “X” that pops up in the top left corner of your iPhone to delete them.


If you are not sure that it’s worth deleting an app or not then just head to the settings on your iPhone and then click on General then Storage and iCloud usage then finally on the Manage Storage. Here, you can directly find out how much space is being taken up by it. The Games are likely to use most of the space, with the latest action titles taking up most storage.

Organize your Images:

Google Photos app allows you to store your pictures and videos on cloud for free. To start using this application, just head to the App store and start downloading it. However, you will need a Google account to start using these pictures, so sign up for one if you don’t have it.

Once you are done with it, just make a tap on the menu icon located at the top left of the Google Photos app and choose “Settings”. Then, tap the “Backup and Synchronization” and just turn it on. Now, all the photos snapped by you will be automatically saved to the Google’s cloud, so you can delete them safely from your iPhone or iPad device.

google Cloud

However, it is always recommended to first check your Google Photos account by logging in from some other device to ensure that are safely backed up there because you will never prefer to lose any of your photos in any condition.

You should also enter the settings in your iPhone and head to the Photos & Camera to check out that “My Photo Stream” is deactivated. Otherwise, your iPhone or iPad device will get cluttered with the photos taken using other iOS devices available with you. Another option is to turn off the “Keep Normal Photo”, to make sure that you don’t store two copies of every HDR photo you click with your device.

Just Stream and don’t download:

In UK, it is quite affordable to grab an “AYCE” data contract which enables you to download and browse the internet at no extra cost. Thus, you can also choose to delete the music and video files from your phone and iPad and stream these. There are service providers such as Netflix or Spotify that offer a huge catalogue with the online content that you can enjoy as much as you can. All you will need is an internet connection but beware as you can be hit by the terrific roaming charges if you use it abroad as well.

Change the messaging settings:

If you don’t read the old messages from your iPhone them head to the Settings then Messages and change the Keep Messages value to 30 days. This will automatically delete the messages from your device after one month to free up the space. Also, if you are using any of the third-party apps on your device then these could be eating up your valuable storage. So, you can opt for uninstalling these applications id not required.

Update to iOS 9:


Now, if you have freed up enough space on your phone or iPad just download the iOS 9, which takes less space than the iOS 8 thus providing you with more GB’s to play with.