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How to watch iPhone 7’s Launch Event That Will Take Place on 7th September 2016

Again this is the prime time of this year when all tech journalists across the world are invited by Apple for witnessing its latest devices’ launch, and the heavily rumoured iPhone 7 will be the star of this launch event.
Alongside the Apple iPhone 7 and possibly iPhone 7 Plus’ expected launch, we guess we will receive more info regarding iOS 10, probably new Macs and the Apple Watch 2 as well.
We always find live-streams at Apple’s launch events and there are many ways of watching launching videos on your PC or smartphone. Just read on to know how you can watch this Apple launch.iphone-startup-white

The place & time of Launch Event:
Apple’s media event for iPhone 7 will take place on 7th September 2016, Wednesday in California’s San Francisco. The event will start at 18:00 BST in the UK.

How to watch the event on a Windows PC:
Live-streams have been recently made by Apple on Windows PC simpler also, as long as you get Windows 10, as you can utilize Edge Web browser of Microsoft for watching live-stream from the webpage of Apple for this September 2016 event.

In case you don’t have Windows 10, lots of other ways are also there to watch this launch event; however, there are little more complicated.
The extreme way of watching the iPhone 7 launch event live-stream is upgrading to Windows 10. In case you don’t have any plan for installing Windows 10, then there are many ways to view this event on your computer. Using the easy-going VLC media player is one of these ways. In that case, you need to download and install this media player and opening it you’ll get a URL which you need to click to enter the live-stream. This procedure works on Linux too.Apple iphone7 rumored Image

How to watch the event on a Mac:
One of the easiest ways to view this event on 7th September is on a Mac using Safari internet browser of Apple. Opening up Safari, it will direct you to Apple’s event webpage which will host the event’s live video stream.
How to watch the event on iPod, iPad & iPhone:
If you will be viewing the iPhone 7’s launch event on a preceding iPod, iPad or iPhone, then you should ensure it is running iOS 7 or later, browse to Apple’s webpage of the event by opening up the Safari app.
If anyhow you are unable to watch the event video, you’ll find many live blogs with all breaking news on the web.

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