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Apple Will Attempt to Reboot Sales of the iPhone 7

This week, Apple will try to restart sales of the iPhone after an exceptional recent abatement which has left the smartphone giant experience with falling profit for the first ever time in over a decade.

The tech giant is looking for enticing clients with the popular device’s new version which sports a high quality camera as its prime selling point during fears that the smartphone market has become overloaded.

The iPhone 7 is unlikely to arrive with some radical changes in design which have defined the smartphone.
Instead, Apple will make different changes to the device that it is expected to maintain the reputation of the company for new invention while it is disclosed on 7th September, Wednesday in San

Last month, Apple marked 5 years, since Tim Cook, the Chief Executive replaced Mr. Jobs. The company is trying to raise the unique slide in profit, with the new products’ sales like the Apple Watch of last year.

The iPhone 7 will possibly highlight a new dual-lens camera system able to click images which can competing those of high-end cameras and the deduction of the conventional headphone in exchange for the wireless headphones.

The company’s target is to encourage basic updates of its devices as well as aim to make more from the more than one billion smartphones running its software by selling its services like online storage and music subscriptions and also peripherals like headphones and the Apple Watch.iphone 7

According to Mr. Wood, the launch event of Wednesday could put its aim on music, with the deduction of the headphone port – the iPhone’s staple since it was first introduced – being utilized as a chance of selling higher-margin headphones and a costlier superior quality version of its service of Apple Music Streaming.

Albeit the device has sold more than its rivalry since it was unveiled last year, still the sales have been lowered compared to those of other hit products of Apple.
Apple has not unveiled the amount of Apple Watches it has sold by far; however, analysis pin the calculation at almost 15m – nearly the selling amount of iPhones per month.


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