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Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is over £200 More Costly in the UK than in the US

At present, Apple is substantially more costly for the buyers of the UK, following the introduction of the latest iPhone model of Apple.
In the US, the Cupertino company’s top-notch 256GB iPhone 7 Plus prices $949, which works out at £711 at the present exchange price – more than £200 less than the official rate of the UK of £919. The differences of price on the smaller iPhone 7 vary little less with the rates of the US starting at $749 in the US, which works out at only £562.
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The starting rate of the UK for the similar smartphone model is £599 – £37 more than the same price of the US.
When in this year Apple has kept the prices of its handset in order with those of the iPhone 6S when it introduced previous year, it has doubled the storage capacity for every version.
With the 16GB option dumped, this implies that the lowest-rated flagship model is more costly than the previous year.
All of the new handsets of Apple are available for pre-ordering from 9th September in the US and the US with a date of shipping of 16th September.
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As arguably the tech giant dumped the old headphone port from its new flagship iPhones, it launched AirPods, the new wireless earphones.
However, these again work out lesser expensive in the US with a cost tag of $149, which works out at £112 – slightly £37 lesser expensive than the official price of £149 in the UK.

According to consumer association, by paying up to hundreds of pounds more for the similar tech items on sale in the US, UK customers are actually getting a raw deal. Manufacturers must play a fair game and clarify why customers are paying more for purchasing in the UK.


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