Samsung Requests All Users to Exchange the Galaxy Note 7 Phone Immediately

Samsung Electronics is requesting all customers globally to stop using the Note 7 smartphones urgently and exchange them as early as possible, as many reports of the smartphones catching fire grown even after the global recall of the company.

The call from the South Korean company, the largest smartphone maker of the world, arrives after the US authorities requested for switching the Galaxy Note 7 off and not using or charging it during a flight.

Different airlines around the globe asked travellers for not switching on the big smartphone or putting it in checked baggage, with certain carriers banning the smartphone on the flights.
In a statement, Samsung had urged the users worldwide for returning their existing Galaxy Note 7 immediately and getting a replacement also.

Samsung’s Mobile President Koh Dong-Jin said that they would be asking users for powering down their Note 7 and exchanging them as early as possible. He added that they would be replacing the devices so that the devices could be provided via exchange program as conveniently as possible.

Customers can visit the service centres of Samsung for getting rental phone for using temporarily. In fact, Samsung arranges to give the Note 7 devices with new batteries in South Korea beginning 19th September, but schedules for other nations differ.
Prior this month, Samsung had declared an unprecedented recall of 2.5 million Note 7s globally only 2 weeks after the smartphone was introduced. That move arrived after the investigation of Samsung into reports of fires found that rechargeable lithium batteries made by one of the suppliers were faulty.

Among all countries, the US was the first to take a step following the recall. Even the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the US had requested the phone owners for switching them off and leaving them off. It also said that it was working with Samsung and hopefully it will have an official recall as early as possible.

The safety commission’s recall will permit the US FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for banning all passengers from having the phones with them on flights.

As of now, the Federal Aviation Administration had alerted the flight passenger for not switching on or charging the Note 7 during flights and not putting the phones in their checked bags also.

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