Samsung’s Global Replacement Program for Galaxy Note 7: 90% Note 7 Users Decided to Stick with The Device

The smartphone giant Samsung declared a Global Replacement Program on 2nd September 2016 especially for the Galaxy Note because of a problem related to an isolated battery cell. From that point forward, the organization has been endeavoring to speed up item shipments keeping in mind the end goal to execute the exchange program and lessen every trouble for Galaxy Note 7 users.

According to DJ Koh, Samsung Electronics’ President of Mobile Communication Business, Samsung had done a commitment more than 3 weeks ago to a Global Replacement Program for the Galaxy Note 7. The program actually started last week for the majority of markets and the development is still encouraging. Presently, the company’s motto is to ensure that every affected device is replaced as fast and efficiently as possible.


Since the company has initiated the Global Replacement Program, initially it has received a strong response from the Galaxy Note 7 users.

– Nearly 90% Note 7 users have been selecting a new Note 7 since the products have become available widely.
– Over 60% of all recalled Note 7 handsets sold in Korea and the U.S. have been replaced through this program.
– In Singapore, over 80% of clients have joined this exchange program which began on 17th September.

According to DJ Koh, they are really feeling honoured by the response they received and seeing the customers keeping faith on the Note 7 device. For this reason, the company actually wanted the customers to take benefit of their local replacement program so that they still feel confident and keep faith on Samsung devices and also feel excited to use their newly formed Note 7 device.
In spite of only a small number of reported incidents, Samsung has tried a lot to offer the clients all necessary assistance. In this effort, Samsung has been working together with National Regulatory Bodies.
The clients, who still are having the affected Note 7 devices, must power down and return the devices. Replacement of current device with a new one is possible depending on local availability. Samsung asks the Note 7 customers to contact their place of buying or call the registered call centre as early as possible.


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