BlackBerry is done with Designing & Building Its Own Signature Phones

BlackBerry has declared that it is going to stop making its own signature phones as the struggling organisation is continuously targeting its software and security products. This is quite far from the end of BlackBerry devices, the building of which is going to be outsourced to the third-party makers – as was the case with the organisation’s latest DTEK 50, a clone of Idol 4 of Alcatel with the BlackBerry branding.

In a statement, John Chen, the CEO said that the company planned to end every internal hardware development and would be going to outsource that particular function to the partners. He also added that the company would be meeting an inflectional point with their methods. Their financial foundation was always powerful and their focus on software would be taking hold.

blackberry android smartphone dtek50

If we consider the on-going struggle of BlackBerry in the mobile market, then this is not at all amazing news. Gartner guesses that the company proclaimed only 0.1% of the market in the 2nd quarter, balancing to sales of nearly 400,400 units.
However, although BlackBerry is going to cease the internal hardware development, this does not mean that this is the end of BlackBerry as a customer tech company. The company has only been trying to cover its retreat, aiming just governments and businesses and maintaining its reputation for the purpose of security.

Chen actually took control of the weak manufacturer charged with bringing it back to financial health. Earlier also he stated that the company’s one and only target would be on enterprise software and proclaimed in May 2016 that he would get the information by September 2016 whether or not the company would continue designing and building its own signature phones.
BlackBerry possibly could partner with big name partners, and so probably its every device will be aimed at a small number of business users.

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