Apple iPhone 6S sales slowdown, resulting is scaling back of production

According to the reports, suppliers are claiming that the stocks of iPhone 6S smartphone are piling up as the demand for this handset has slowed down. As a result, Apple is scaling back the production of its iPhone 6S smartphone. According to the reports, Apple might cut 30 per cent of its production until March this year.

This might hit the parts manufacturers in China, Japan and South Korea. It is also reported that the company is planning to return to its normal output by next quarter. Currently, these production cuts are being made due to the inability of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus smartphones to meet sales expectations.


However, both the handsets have enjoyed a record breaking launch by selling 1.3 million units sold during their first weekend on sale. If these reports are really true then we can expect Apple to leave its optimism about iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus being its best-selling handsets.

Apple is to announce its quarterly report for September to December 2015 in the coming weeks, when it will also give explanation on the declining demand of its current generation flagship smartphones. Assumptions are being made by analysts who are claiming that the decline is due to the decision of the Cupertino’s giant to release these handsets in China at the same time when it was rolled out in US and Europe.

Also, because Apple decided to put its iPhone devices at high prices people are becoming more inclined to buy products from other manufacturers. This gives them an opportunity to experience similar features at the same price.


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