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Apple App Store spending crosses $1.1 billion during Christmas

According to the reports, Apple spent about $1.1 billion on the applications and in-app purchases made from the App Store during this Christmas period. This new spending from the Cupertino’s giant smashed all the records of the previous years. These figures were generated from the sales recorded during the last two weeks i.e. upto 3rd January only.

The Cupertino’s giant says that the users have spent $144 million on App store in a single day, thus breaking the records set just a week before the Christmas Day. These figures cover the apps downloaded for both the iPhone as well as the iPad devices along with the add-ons brought for the Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac Computers.

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Apple’s worldwide marketing senior vice president, Philip Schiller, said that the app spending by them has topped $20 billion in the year 2015. The sources reveal that the reason behind the increase in sales of apps via the App store is that developers have started improving their apps versions in the previous years. It is revealed that in the recent years developers are looking forward to monetize their apps. This has led to an increase in the development of the premium versions thus increasing the in-app purchases.

This news come weeks before the Cupertino’s giant is about to reveal its sales figures and financial results for the period from September till December. It is expected that they will reveal a record breaking sales for its iPhone devices, despite of the reports revealing that they are forced to cut down their productions due to the slowing demand for the iPhone handset.

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