LG releases its plan for K series via Facebook

Today, the cheaper processors are becoming much faster for performing day-to-day tasks. Thus, the midrange smartphone are looking more appealing to the customers and are well suited to their budget also. Just like Samsung, LG also seems to unify its mid-range phones with a recognizable branding.

LG revealed its top handsets from the midrange offering, K10 and K7, at the CES event last week. The Korean giant also has plans to make K8, K7, K4 and K5 smartphones soon. LG is currently using the tagline “Find You Own Style” for its K series smartphones.

However, as per reports none of these handsets will be available in one particular market but there is a variety to choose from for the manufacturer. The sources reveal that the growth for the Korean giant is leveling up lately and therefore it is looking forward to take the market share from Samsung in the mid to lower range markets.

LG has posted on Facebook:


“As part of LG’s new affordable mid-range smartphone series, the K10 and K7 stand out both in design and camera features. The glossy pebble design complemented with intricate woven back patterns provides a better grip and unique features including the ‘gesture interval shot’ and ‘tap and shot’ will bring a hassle-free selfie experience to those in uses.”
*Specifications may vary depending on region

LG seems to be targeting the young crowd with its mid-range handsets and the K series is the perfect option to improve its market share with its nice look.

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