Microsoft Lumia 850 or 750 certified in China

According to the reports, Microsoft has been working on a bunch of mid-range and upper midrange smartphones such as Lumia 850 and Lumia 750. These handsets are rumored to complement the high-end Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL phones released by the manufacturer recently.

Now, there are reports that one of these new midrange Lumia phones are now certified by 3C in China. This phone has a model number RM 1182, however this doesn’t make it clear that whether it’s the Lumia 750 or Lumia 850. Anyways, the phone with the aforementioned model number is said to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 SoC chip with 1.5GHz clock speed and Cortex A53 CPU and Adreno 405 GPU along with the Cat.7 LTE support. This chip is the same that is used on One A9 by HTC.

According to the sources, this newly certified handset from Microsoft is headed to the China Unicom and will not get fast charging. This handset is manufactured by BYD. The past rumors revealed that the Lumia 750 will get 16GB expandable storage and 2GB RAM. It has a 5.4 inch Touchscreen display with 1080 pixels resolution. There will be a 10MP rear snapper for clicking better quality images using this handset.

This upcoming smartphone from Microsoft will become official at MWC event by next month.

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