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Apple iPhone Night Shift Mode has a Rival App

Apple’s Night Shift mode app for its iPhone devices is designed in a sense to cut out the impact thrown by the blue light on the sleeping patterns of the users. We know that this app recently grabbed attention when the Cupertino’s giant made an announcement to use it as the key feature of the new iOS9 update.

Now, a third party developer which has built an app offering similar kind of features contacted Apple. The developer asked the manufacturer that if its tool can go to the App Store. As per reports, the developer has already been asked by Apple to withdraw it last year.

This third party app is called Flux, and allows the users to switch from blue light to less harmful yellow light while they are using their iPhone and iPad devices in dark. Earlier, this application was only available via the developer website but was removed later on the request from Apple. Now, as the giant has come out with its own version of the app, the developer says that Flux should be allowed back and the developer should get access to the tools atleast to help the company make it better.

The official blog post from this third party developer reads,

“Today we call on Apple to allow us to release Flux on iOS, to open up access to the features announced this week, and to support our goal of furthering research in sleep and chronobiology.” Flux is already available on Mac devices but if it’s ever seen on the iPad and iPhone devices then it most likely will be Apple’s own Night Shift mode. This will leave Flux in shade with the users opting for the built-in app rather than downloading the third party app available.

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