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Apple’s iOS 9 is on 75% of iPhone and iPad Devices now

According to the reports, the iOS 9 software from Apple is now installed in around 75% of the compatible iPhone and iPad devices. This percentile is calculated on the basis of the latest figures from Apple. In the year 2014, the iOS 8 software was released by the company and the figures show that the mobile OS is still found in 19% of the iPhone and iPad devices. While on the other hand, the older versions of the mobile operating system account for only 7% of the smartphones and tables from Apple.

The sources claim that this data was measure by Apple on 11th January, 2016. In the past month, only 4% users have moved to the new iOS9 version of the software. Also, we can expect this software version to break 80% barrier in the coming months, with a new iPhone 6C budget phone to be released in March this year. This phone is expected to drive the growth for Apple a bit.

From this statistics, it is clear that iOS 9 is enjoying faster growth than the iOS 8 version, which was installed on 68% of the iPhone and iPad devices at this point of time. On the other hand, Google’s latest Android 6.0 version is installed on only 0.7% of the android devices running all over the world. These stats are something very low in comparison to the records set by the iOS 9 software from the Cupertino’s giant.

Apple has also revealed a new features in its latest iOS 9 software, which will cut down the blue light and improve the sleep for those using their phone before going to bed.

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