Microsoft Lumia will be rolled out by early February

Microsoft’s Lumia 650 phone was seen in the leaked images for the first time last month end. Now, a new report revealed that the manufacturer will make it official early next month i.e. 1st February. As per reports, the unveiling will be a low key affair. Also, it is revealed that this mid-range handset will get its availability as well as pricing released by next month.

We can expect to get this handset announced in a blog post and not in a dedicated media event. Also, recently leaked smartphones of the company, Lumia 750 and Lumia 850 are cancelled and will not be rolled out by Microsoft at the MWC event this year. Microsoft has announced that this will be the first and last phone from the maker for 2016 and we should not expect any other phone from the company to get rolled out this year. However, the rumored Surface Phone will also be on track though.

Recently, the predecessor of the phone Lumia 640 has received the Windows 10 update which is actually yet to be released for a number of Lumia phones from Microsoft. A recent leak from Europe has revealed that this handset with the new Windows 10 operating system will be priced at $222.

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