Samsung to help Apple make iPhone devices

According to the repots, Samsung has signed a huge deal with Apple which will see it manufacture screens for the company to be used in its future iPhone devices. It is suggested by the sources in South Korea that Samsung will invest $7.5 billion. With this investment, it will cover the costs incurred from increasing its manufacturing capacity for OLED screens. Also, boosting the capacity is quite necessary for fulfilling the order received from Apple.

Samsung is expected to boost its OLED production to 45,000 units per month in 2016 and has also geared up to bring changes to the display technology on its iPhone device. Currently, the iPhone’s are sporting LCD technology but are expected to make a shift to the OLED screens soon. However, the high costs mean it is looking forward to create the OLED screens by its own.


The reports suggest that Apple has already planned to manufacture the OLED at a secret manufacturing unit located in Taiwan. Once, it’s done with experimenting with its own manufacturing unit only then it will begin outsourcing production.

We should not expect Apple to launch an OLED display this year as it will not be launched until 2018. With these reports, its confirmed that the deal between the two giants of the mobile phone industry is expected to continue for long.

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