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Apple iPhone sales plateaued, forecasting longer decline

Apple has revealed its sales for last quarter, Q4 2015, which suggest for a record number sales made from iPhone devices. However, if we compare the 74.779 million units sales made in Q4 with the 74.468 million sales made in the same period in 2014 than it suggests that the demand for Apple’s iPhone has plateaued.
Also, the Cupertino’s giant has made a prediction that its overall revenue might fall in the current quarter. The iPhone is expected to make 68% of all earnings for Apple, which suggests that the sales for iPhone are sliding now. Apple first launched its original iPhone around nine years ago in January only.

In a statement, the company said that its expected revenue will fall between $50 and $53 billion during the month of January and March. This record suggests for a fall from $58 billion during the Q1 2015. The Chief Financial Officer, Luca Maestri, told Apple’s investors during a press conference call that he was expected the revenue’s from iPhone units to decline in this quarter.

This reports for a slide in the share price of the Cupertino’s giant, despite the fact that these results are the best ever from the company. It is being suggested that the issues being faced by Apple are the result of the turbulent economic environment in China. According to the reports, in 2015 only 14% growth rate is recorded in China in comparison to 70% reported a year ago.

As always, this time also Apple is not showing the sales figures from its Apple Watch but says that it’s been a great help in driving growth for the company in previous quarter. It is claimed by the analysts that this smartwatch enjoyed a great success during the Christmas period in 2015.

The iPad sales were recorded to be 16.1 million, the credit of which goes to the iPad Pro device. However, the reports suggest that the sales are still sliding down from 21.4 million recorded in 2015.

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