Microsoft Lumia 650 was available to pre-order for some time

Microsoft Lumia 650 was expected to get released by 1st February but now the phone is delayed until the mid of next month. Now, as we all are waiting for this smartphone to get official following a huge number of leaks, there are some reports suggesting that the phone already went up on pre-orders.

An online retailer in UK, MobileFun, has this unannounced phone available for pre-order and has priced it at £199, for the SIM-free and unlocked versions. However, the company has not yet mentioned any shipping date for this Lumia phone but we assume that it might be launched soon after its announced in the mid-February this year. There are also some reports suggesting that this handset could be the last Lumia phone from Microsoft.

This phone will come packed with a 5 inch IPS Touchscreen display and 720 pixels resolution. There is an 8MP rear snapper with LED flash for better quality clicks even in low light or sim light. It is powered by a quad core processor with 1.1 GHz clock speed and 1GB RAM for faster processing speed. For connectivity, there are many options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. There is a 2,000 mAh and runs on Windows 10 operating system.

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Your recently viewed items: in this screen indicates the pre existence of page

This phone was available to pre-order on MobileFun at url. But now it has been taken down.

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