Microsoft reports 4.5 million Lumia phone sales for Q4, 2015

According to the latest fiscal earnings report released by Microsoft, the company made only 4.5 million sales from its Lumia phone in the last quarter of 2015. These figures show the sales record down from 10.5 million reported for Windows Phones in Q4, 2014.

Further, this translates into a drop in revenue to 49% in comparison to that in the last quarter of 2014. This number takes us back to the Q3 2012, which was the last time we saw such a few number of sales made by Windows Phones. On the other hand, IDC says that 399.5 million smartphone sales were made in the Q4 2015, which brings the total market share for Windows Phones to 1.1% while to 1.9% to the whole year.


It is suggested from this data that the installed database for the Windows Phones will soon drop down to less than 50 million. And we might see further declines in the market share from Windows Phone in the first quarter this year. Also, we know that Microsoft will not make any significant launches but will only release Lumia 650 in 2016. So, the other quarters in 2016 will be worse with no further launches at all, thus the market share numbers of the company will fractionally lower down approaching to those of BlackBerry currently.


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