Apple is no longer world’s most valuable company

As per reports, Alphabet has now released its earnings for Q4 2015 which shows the stock prices of both the Stock A and Stock C to $750 to $780. This makes Alphabet world’s most valuable company surpassing the position of Apple in the ranks.

Recently, there were reports that Apple’s earning for Q4 last year show plateauing over the earnings made from the year before. Google took a chance and steal the show by showing better growth numbers.

Investors are interested buying more Alphabets shares today. Its year-over-year growth revenues are increasing which show that it’s growing exponentially. As per reports, the revenues went up by 24% from 12% reported a year before.

Majority of the revenue of Google is from ads and as the clicks for advertisements have grown up by 31%, thus the cost per click has gone down by 13%. This doesn’t put company into any kind of loss but Google is still making more money on advertisements. The company has also announced that its active Gmail users are more than 1 billion. As per reports, Google now joins Facebook and what’s App with more than 1 billion active users monthly worldwide.

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