Win a free paid app every day with this new Android App

We are sure you would never miss the opportunity to earn a free paid app every day. Recently, Google Play has introduced new promotional codes, with a new app called Promo Codes that might strike your interest. The idea behind this Promo Codes app is quite interesting; it offers the users with a chance to win a promo code for a particular paid app every day.

Each day winner will receive a promotional code which they can plug in to receive a free paid app. Otherwise, if you don’t win then also you are given a chance to link to the Promo Code apps page on Google Play Store to check it out.
Once you start using the promo code app, click the button “I’m feeling lucky!” and you will find instantly that you are winner or a loser. However, you should not get upset if you are a loser as there is always a tomorrow and you get a chance to win each day.

This is a free app available for download from the Google Play Store and is supported by the Android 4.1 or higher versions. Currently, the apps being promoted by this new Promo Codes app include Nova Launcher, Franco Kernel Updater, Today Calendar Pro, Impressions, Twee, Focus, Relay for reddit, Shuttle, Progression and many more. But as the time grows this list is also expected to grow more.

If you want to make a shot to win a paid app for free every day, just make a click on this link and install the Promo Codes app. Just wake up with a reason every morning to win a chance to get a free paid app via this new app from the Google Play Store.

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