You can now chat with 256 people at a time using WhatsApp

We are not sure how many of you have ever felt the need to chat with 256 people at a time. If I speak about myself I never even felt the need to chat with 100 people at a time. Now, as per the latest reports the beta version of the WhatsApp for Android is now updated raising the number of people you can chat with from 100 to 256. It is reported that this increase in the group chat cap can be found in the version 2.12.437.

The reports reveal that this increase in the cap for group chat will make an appearance to the Google Play Store version of this app soon. But if you are feeling impatient and want to chat with 256 people right now then you can click the link and use the APK Mirror to sideload this new beta upgrade to your Android device.

As we know, Whatsapp is now completely free and has dropped its 99 cent annual fee. So, instead of messaging you can also make the internal calls, send and receive video and voice messages and can also handle a group chat. An interesting feature is that if you are offline and miss some messages, you will be able to read them once you connect to internet and get back to the grid.
Facebook has purchased WhatsApp back in October 2014 for $21.8 billion and it continues to update the previous features and add some new features on this app.


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