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Class action lawsuit filed against Apple’s iPhone Error 53

Apple’s iPhone Error 53 has declared the phones of thousands of users unusable after a software update. As per the reports, this Error is now the focus of a class action lawsuit in US. PCVA, which is a Seattle law firm, has followed through the lawsuit in the country to sue Apple over this error. It is suggested that this error occurs when ever users update the software of their iPhone after using a third party repair store to fix the Touch ID sensor on it.

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The Cupertino’s giant is facing criticism over its Error 53. It is said in a statement by Darrell Cochran from PCVA that we have never seen any materials from Apple ever showing a disclosure that your iPhone device will self-destruct itself if you download new software onto it. In addition, he said that if in any condition Apple wants to kill your phone for any reason then it should make it crystal clear in advance, before the damage is done to your phone.

As per reports, this Error 53 will also put your device at security risk if you use a third party app to change the Touch ID button including the fingerprint scanner technology. However, on the other hand many users have claimed that their devices have even failed when they had not got their TouchID repaired. Some claim that the company is forcing them by the way of this error to get their handsets fixed for a greater cost in Apple’s high street stores.

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