Google Play Games now getting Custom Gamer IDs

Google announced last month that the way gamers enter the Google Play games will soon change. And now it looks like the day has finally arrived when the change is brought in the way gamers sign in to play android games. An official blog post from Google says that Play Games no longer require you to sign up with the Google+ account. But the players will now be able to sign up with a newly created Gamer ID, which can also be customized with a gamer picture of your choice

According to Google, all the new users signing into their Play Games integrated game for the first time ever and all the existing users signing into a new Play Games integrated game will be required to create an unique Gamer ID. After creating a unique Gamer ID, the users will need to select one of the 40+ avatars for the Gamer Picture.

The users can also choose to make their gaming activity public or private just as they did with their currently available Google Play Games account. Also, they can decide on whether the other gamers can associate with their Gamer ID using your email address or real name.

There are also reports that Google is making it easier to start playing new games. Now, you don’tt have to wait for the slow play games prompt to load each time to start a new game. It’s made possible with the new auto sign-in functionality. With the auto sign-in, you will be prompted to sign-in once per account and not once per game. You can also automatically be signed into the future games.
As per reports, these new changes will roll out in the next few weeks, so you will be required to wait a little more before signing up for your Gamer ID.

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