LG G5 now unveiled, with price, date and availability

LG has now unveiled its flagship phone, G5, a phone which was being anticipated for long time by the android fans. The rumors and leaks pointed out previously that with this smartphone LG might try out to make what others have never before tried out, i.e. metal, unibody device with an interchangeable battery. Now, we can say that LG has kept to its promise and the device is now real. Finally, LG has found a way to innovate and set itself apart from the rival manufacturers.

One thing which seems exciting to us is the price and release date of this smartphone. However, even if the device gets all your expected specifications still you won’t be happy until you get your hands-on it. The G5 is expected to be priced similar to its predecessor  LG G4, which means that this handset will come to you at $599 on launch. However, this is not yet officially revealed by the Korean giant so we can’t rely on this price.

On the other hand, LG will roll out its G5 phone in the April this year but no exact date is yet set by the manufacturer. There are reports that this handset will be hitting all the major markets such as UK, US etc. LG’s phone will be available in Silver, Titan, Pink and Gold color option.

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