BlackBerry Priv has now received a number of notable software updates

BlackBerry Priv is a solid android smartphone and has now received a number of stock app updates from the manufacturer. As per reports, the keyboard app, the camera app and the launcher are updated to bring some notable improvements.

The keyboard app for this smartphone now comes with a smart prediction engine that can scan through the email and message history to uncover commonly used words. The stock keyboard app will also suggest some names from the contact list on your smartphone. Since this handset comes with a physical keyboard, it only makes sense for the Canadian giant to want to improve on the typing experience.

Blackberry Keyboard

The camera app for this handset is now updated to support slow motion video recording. As per reports, when the slow motion mode is activated it will capture the videos at 120 frames per second. Also, when played back at the usual frame rate of 30 frames per second, the objects in the frame will move at a quarter of their usual speed.


BlackBerry Priv’s competitors already come packed with the slow motion video capture mode. So, its nice to see the Canadian giant bringing it for the users of the Priv phone. Further, the updated camera app for this smartphone includes a performance and stability fixes.

Finally, BlackBerry has updated its Priv phone to receive some new features. Also, the apps installed on the SD card will show up in the launcher even if you the user remove the SD card from this phone. However, you will also feel the presence of a grayed out icon. The launcher will now organize apps in the Recent, Personal and Work categories.

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