LG G5 can now be pre-ordered from BestBuy from 18th March

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were available for pre-order from a few weeks and now the phones have also shipped for sale. But the LG G5 is still not available to the customers. However, there are now reports that the Korean giant will unveil its next generation flagship phone on 18th March. As per reports, the retailer BestBuy is accepting the pre-orders for this smartphone.

LG G5 Deals

On the other hand, we know this date and the retailer from 1st day when the rumors about this smartphone started flourishing. But now a landing page is being cropped up on the website of BestBuy confirming about the initial announcement of this handset. However, there is still no word on the actual availability of the G5 phone from the Korean giant.

On the other hand, the company has confirmed 8th April as the unveiling date for this phone for UK and Canada. But we are also hearing some rumors revealing its launching for 1st April. LG’s G5 will sport an extra battery and charging cradle, to make a better use of its modular design.

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