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Apple might buy Imagination Technologies

As per sources, Apple is currently in talks to acquire Imagination Technologies, which is the British chip design company, known for its PowerVR series of graphics processors. It is well known to all the hardware followers that Apple is not a stranger to the PowerVR GPU lineup of the Imagination Technologies. It has picked this technology only for using in its own in-house SoC designs since it designed the A4 chipset.
The theory says that Apple will acquire Imagination Technology, which will bring the manufacturer one step closer to designing its mobile SoC chipset in-house completely. It is reported that this company is currently licensing the ARM architecture for its CPU cores and will work alongside the semiconductor manufacturers such as Samsung to turn its designs into real chipsets.

However, there are reports that this move from the company will position it closer to the Qualcomm in terms of development scope, without selling its chipsets to the other mobile phone manufacturers. It is reported that Qualcomm designs entire mobile SoC platforms at its own such as Kryo CPUs, Adreno graphics processor and X series modem technologies.

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Earlier this year, Imagination Technologies announced that its CEO Hossein Yassaie will step down and start restructuring its business. The company followed up in March with an announcement of 350 job losses and a renewed focus on the PowerVR graphics technology, which is one of the most important aspect of business.

However, it still remains to be seen that what Imagination Technologies will mean for other SoC developers who are currently using the graphics technologies. The list of these SoC developers includes MediaTek, Intel and many mobile chip makers for Android markets that are using ARM Mali GPU packages.
Apple is becoming much independent with its SoC development, and was taking help from PA Semi to design its own CPU cores back in 2008. However, we can say that for a company that markets the graphics processor heavily, a move like this is a logical step.


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