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EE providing Apple iPhone SE on pre-order for £27 a month

EE has now announced it’s pricing for Apple’s iPhone SE, the tariff plan starts for £27.49 a month and an upfront cost of £49.99. This plan brings you 500MB of data, 500 minutes a month and unlimited texts. The price aforementioned is for the 16GB variant of this smartphone while the 64GB model costs somewhat more in comparison.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to pay upfront cost for this smartphone you can grab it for £29.99 a month. This plan comes brings you 1GB data, unlimited text and 500 minutes. However, you can always get more data if you require by paying more cost.

iPhone Se

For 4GB data, you will be required to pay £34.99 a month while you will pay £39.99 for 10GB data and £44.99 for 20GB data. All of these plans don’t bring any upfront cost and brings you unlimited texts and minutes. The 20GB data package however costs you a bit less, at £39.99 a month but has one-off fee of £49.99.

As per reports, this phone will be shipped on 31st March.

There are also reports that the retailer EE also offers the new 9.7 inch iPad Pro. The tariff plans for 32GB model offer 10GB data a month. If you pay £149.99 upfront cost, you will have to pay £43 a month. An initial outlay of £249.99 leaves you with a monthly cost of £37, while one off the fee of £349.99 brings you a monthly cost of £31. The biggest upfront cost of this phone is £449.99, which will bring you this smartphone for a monthly bill of £26.

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