LG G5 sales get a good start in South Korea

LG launches its G5 phone finally in some more regions around the world. However, the phone was already unveiled a day before in the home country of the company. As per the first estimates from local industry watchers this smartphone has got a very good start in South Korea.

Analysts from The Korea Herald in a report that LG has sold about 15,000 units of this new smartphone from the Korean giant during the first day of its availability in the country. This figure is three times greater than what was recorded for the LG G4, which is the last year flagship phone of the manufacturer. Also, the Korean Times Corporation says that the second largest mobile carrier in South Korea has also suffered a network outage delayed to 2,000 additional sales.

LG G5 Deals

If we compare the number with Samsung, it was estimated to sell 100,000 Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones in the first two days of their availability in South Korea. Even if these estimates are accurate, still we can’t say that this phone will manage to make good performance in the upcoming months. If it comes out so, the G5 phone might boost the sales for LG which are required to reach profitability ratios. The analysts have estimated that for long run LG will sell about 10 million G5 units by the end of 2016.

Also, the previous flagship phones of the company were relatively affordable while the G5 is priced similarly to the Samsung’s Galaxy S7. LG’s G5 phone is a premium affair with blazing fast internal hardware and unique design patter. There are also some Friends accessories such as VR headset, 360 degree camera to a battery add-on which acts as a camera grip.

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