WhatsApp Announcement: Introduction of New Desktop App for Windows and Mac

Recently Facebook owned organization; WhatsApp launched new application for the desktop users of Mac and Windows. This app can be downloaded easily online and you can use it to send messages from your PC and along with you will receive all notifications also. This app is similarly helpful like the messenger app used by the smartphone users.

Well, you still should have your mobile phone nearby your computer for the working of the desktop apps as like WhatsApp web the desktop app can only function as your smartphone’s extension.


In a blog post, the company said that they were launching the desktop app so that people could have a new way of staying in touch everywhere and every time whether on their PC or phone at their home or workplaces. As WhatsApp’s desktop app is similarly an extension of your phone like WhatsApp web, this application represents all messages and conversations from your mobile phone.
An extra functionality is added by the new feature to the users of desktop, who want working independently from their web browser and at the same time want to receive all live notifications as well. A chrome extension is also included in WhatsApp, which you can use on any type of Operating system you use.

This new WhatsApp desktop application is now available for Mac OS 10.9+ and Windows 8+. You will find the app synced with WhatsApp messenger app on your mobile after installing it on your desktop.

According to the organization, this app will provide you support for better keyboard shortcuts as well as native desktop notifications, as on your desktop the application runs natively.

You will likewise get all new features in this app, which have been recently introduced by WhatsApp to review your audio messages before sending it to your friend. Along with this feature, you will be provided with the similar end-to-end encryption security which will secure your all chats and records from any third party.

So, download this app on your desktop today and easily use it now both on your mobile and PC conveniently!

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