Gboard – Google app for iOS Keyboard

Just wow is the word… which actually represents Google. They have done such a marvelous work. Google has come up with a new smart keyboard app specially meant for iPhone named as G board. The Gboard app is very much helpful and impressive.

This feature has the ability to do a direct Google search from the keyboard. It actually means that when you are writing off a text and want to send an address or web page, you don’t need to leave the messaging app and then find and head back to send information.

What G Board simply allows you to tap on the G button on the extreme top right side of the keyboard. Types the information required by you and simply copy the “card “which appears in the message box. The information is ready to execute.
This is not all over with Google. They even added the way to search emojis. Now you can just tap the term and you will be see the emoji is on the screen. No scrolling down is required.


It’s just an amazing way Google has come up to provide information. Now searching and sending will not be tough any more. G board allows you to find out all sort of information from, restaurants, flights, hospital, school or any contact .just make a search , card will appear and then send the information with one tap to one or many contacts and keep the conversation going.

Google has even added on glide typing which means that GIF searching smart and swipe to text function will be easy. G board will soon be available in more languages and countries even.

Latest phones supporting this app iPhone 6S and iPhone SE


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