Google Launches Its Social Group Sharing App, Spaces on Android, iOS and Web

In spite of its failures with Google+, it seems that Google has not given up on its social ambitions. On Monday, 16th May, the company declared a new social application named Spaces, the purpose of which is group sharing. The app enables small users groups for tapping into other services of Google, with inclusion of Chrome, YouTube and Google Search, in terms of sharing contents and posting links without requirement of moving in between apps. In a group chat-like interface, they can also have conversations regarding that content.

content_viewerThis way, Spaces becomes more than a competitor to WhatsApp or FB Messenger, due to its focus on its mobile-friendly nature and chatting. Although the app works on the desktop, it is now available on mobile web, Android and iOS.
Today many chatting apps lack in deeper integrations with web services and posted links may provide rich media previews – while users of Google Spaces can’t just find and share web contents taken from YouTube and Google Search, but that content can be visible to others without requirement of leaving the app.

 PostingAnother determinedly benefit of Google is that the shared content becomes searchable. Now searching Spaces by using keyword is possible for users, which returns both images and links – searching images is possible by image recognition technology of Google, which has become live on Monday in other items like Google Photos.

 retrieval_searchThe app interface is quite simple also. Now creating a new space is possible in just one tap. You can invite any contact for joining via another social network, email or messaging. Once you are inside a Space, you’ll find a box at the screen’s bottom where tapping buttons will enable you posting images, other contents and links to your chat room. With the help of a conversational view you can easily see what the group is talking about.

According to the company, you can use the app for various purposes, like trip planning or study groups on fans of a specific subject like tiny homes or comic books. Spaces basically sounds more like the own Communities feature of Google+.

However, this week, Google has launched Spaces by rolling out a space for every session at the I/O developer conference of Google. People are allowed to attend the sessions for chatting with one another and other Google users. Those who will download this app will definitely get other surprises in store as well.

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