Google’s Anticipated Mobile Payment Platform, Android Pay Ultimately Arrives in the UK

On Wednesday, Google introduced its mobile payment system Android Pay in the UK, 8 months after it first launched in the US.

Like Samsung and iPhone users, every Android phone user now will be able enjoying the same advantages, which have had their mobile payments platform in place for certain months. Once you set up Android Pay on your smartphone, you will be easily able paying against every contactless payment terminal across the UK at just one tap.

android pay

Now complete purchases on your phone are made easier also by Android Pay and this payment platform enables you breezing through web checkouts rather than requiring inputting the details of your card once again.

Android Pay Usability

Android Pay will support Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards from the Nationwide, MBNA, M&S Bank, Lloyds Bank, HSBC, Halifax, First Direct, and Bank of Scotland. It was said by the president of MasterCard UK and Ireland, Mark Barnett that the firm was excited for having teamed up with Google. He also added that they were committed for launching customers the convenience and choice of paying where, when and how they wanted, as more and more devices became enabled and connected for shopping or payments.

Back in March, when the impending launch of Android Pay was declared by Google, three of the biggest banks of the country – NatWest, RBS and Barclays were not connected with it. Still its roster is being missed by them and it is unclear when these banks’ customers will be capable of using this service. Google didn’t instantly reply to any request for commenting.

It may appear just as Google has been comparatively slow to react to the introduction of Android Pay in Britain, with Apple Pay introducing about a year prior. Yet then in a blog post, the organization pointed out that the UK belonged to the most advanced contactless countries globally. By now, many banks have issued users with contactless cards, implying that Brits are not unfamiliar with this payment system.

In accordance with Ernest Doku, the Telecoms expert at uSwitch, being late to the party is additionally unlikely to affect the popularity and spread of Android Pay while compared to its competitors. As per his opinion, these days most smartphones are NFC-enabled and Android Pay is a low barrier to entry, so it implies that it will definitely have a more large-reaching effect on how Brits pay for purchases than Apple Pay service has already had alone.

Some special offers are also being used by Google, which every month the Android Pay users can avail. This way, Google is trying to encourage people for taking the benefit of the service by brightening the last week before the pay day. With new offers becoming accessible per month, the users will also be rewarded with treats by the organizations such as Deliveroo and Starbucks.

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