Google to Act More Opinionated About Nexus Design, Says Google CEO

On 1st June, at the Code Conference of Google I/O, during an interview Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google would intend for taking greater control over the designs and software of Nexus devices. Google CEO also added that his organization would act more opinionated on taking control over the Nexus phones’ designs, especially where Google would find a requirement of pushing these devices forward.

It implies that the desire of Google for highlighting new technologies with its Nexus devices could be referred by him. To some extent, it was always done and earlier this year, it added some fingerprint sensors in its Nexus phones, to help ushering these devices in as almost-quality features on latest Android mobiles.

Yet, software was the thing which was focused on by Google CEO Sundar Pichai during this interview. The CEO said that on Nexus mobiles, they were used to getting stock Android, yet it could change. He also added that hopefully people would see them include additional features on top of Android on the Nexus mobiles. In fact, they would have a lot of software innovation in future.

During this interview taken by The Verge and Recode, some was prodding from Walt Mossberg and they were asking whether Google would start making its own phones from scratch or not. Well, Sundar Pichai answered that this would not happen. Their strategy was still working with OEMs for creating phones. Possibly, Google will only be a little more controlling over Nexus phones how they become apparent.

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