Awesome battery life of Google Pixel XL

Googles Pixel XL is famously known for its battery life. The phone keeps you going for the entire day. If you do not have any charge on your phone, then just with a 15 minute charge you can survive up to 7 hours.

The Pixel XL runs for 130 hours. In the meantime, you can play your favourite tracks. Around 14 hours can be spent on Wi-Fi and 13 hours if your connection is a 4G. As some tests proved that the phone lived for more than 24 hours. During this duration videos were streamed, apps were downloaded, games were played as well as notifications kept on pouring in. Still the phone has 2% of charge after all this activity. google-pixelMany people claimed that the phone became very hot while charging. There is also a controversy while charging the Google Pixel XL phones. When charged with its own charger then the charge shoots up in just 15 minutes. While when charged with another charger the charge does not shoot up so fast. So we can see that there is a fast and a slow charging till the battery is charged up.

The Pixel XL does not use any cunning tricks to squeeze the juice out of the phone. A mode called Doze works awesomely which enables users to receive notifications on time. When you are travelling and you would need your phone at all times then you should surely carry Pixel XL along with you. This is a certain fact that if you continuously stream videos and watch movies in your phone then you will surely drain your battery. This sort of a situation is generally unexpected from Googles Pixel XL.

A 18 watt wall charging is also encouraged by The Pixel XL. This makes charging much faster than what is usually expected.

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