iPhone At Its 10th Anniversary but the Best Is Yet to Come, Says Tim Cook

An event was held on 9th January 2007 at the Macworld where the Steve Jobs launched its first iPhone. It was unveiled on that day. Now it’s 2017 and this phone changed the world it took it to another new level of experience. Users didn’t imagine that they will get a whole lot of features, all in one phone itself.

It was that time of the year when only one smartphone was available in the industry which was Blackberry. The keyboard was not much updated so it has keys along with features like the internet and email access. According to Jobs, iPhone was a widescreen iPod having touch controls, a mobile phone with a breakthrough internet communication.iphoneThe body of an iPhone had a touchpad unlike that of blackberry. So, no need of a physical keypad. It became popular with respect to other devices of the same feature. iPhone celebrates an anniversary of 10 years by selling thousands of the gadgets and became one of the largest valuable companies worldwide

iPhone did a great business in the gadget industry that the revenue generated by the company was more than that of Google and Microsoft. Modern smartphones take inspiration from iPhone because of its unique features. It has become a cultural representation for the analyst and the modern people.iphone-8-conceptAbout the older and newer versions of iPhone:
A total of 11 generations is calculated of this device and Apple has constantly redesigned its smartphone on different occasions. The screen size has also changed apparently. The year 2014 saw the new version on the phone which was more than five inches and named iPhone 6 Plus. It was the first phone of Apple with that screen size. The launching of the App Store was a revolution in accessing millions of apps via Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone around 155 countries. The year 2008 was a successful year for many developers who earned over 60 million dollars. Many app businesses like Uber, Deliveroo and Angry Birds were triumphed due to iPhone.

There are rumours that iPhone 8 might have features including single sockets or ports which enables wireless charging. The advanced decide is known to create some high-quality pictures along with posting on social networking sites and payment of goods via fingerprint.

iPhone is able to set a standard in mobile computing of this decade and starting up its business. Steve Jobs said that the best is yet to come.

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