Samsung will live stream the launch event for Galaxy S7 in 360 degrees

Samsung’s Unpacked 2016 event is to be held on 21st February, one day before the MWC event. As per reports, this is the first time that the Korean giant will present this event in 360 live streaming. Don’t be upset if you won’t be able to make it up to the event in Barcelona because Samsung’s new Galaxy devices can also be watched being launched for the first time ever through a ground breaking platform.

In addition, the company will provide you with four options to watch the Unpacked event live i.e. from the auditorium, stage left, stage right and from the center stage. Thus, you have an option to choose whichever spot is right for you then simply use the 360 degrees live streaming to watch every single thing being unveiled at this event.

Here are the methods that can be used to watch the Galaxy Unpacked event via PC, mobile phone or the Gear VR:

To watch the Unpacked Event on your PC:

1) Head to the Galaxy Unpacked page on the official website of Samsung as soon the event commences.

2) Choose the most suitable position to view this event from.

To watch the Unpacked event from Mobile Phone:

1) Download the free Unpacked 360 view app from the Google Play Store for android devices and App store for iOS devices.

2) Download the Unpacked 360 view app and install it on the device you will be using to watch the event live.

3) Launch this app as soon the even starts and then select one of the four viewing angles.

To watch the Unpacked event using Gear VR:

1) Go to the Oculus Store and search for the Samsung’s Unpacked 360 view app.

2) Download the app and install it.

3) Launch the app using Gear VR headset.

4) Select one of the four viewing angles, as soon the even the begins.

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