Samsung’s report card for 2015 is out here

We would have never assumed two years ago that the position of the world’s biggest smartphone player was unassailable. Today, the company is struggling with the falling profits from its mobile division and is facing a fight with the top-end player Apple. The battle is even tougher in the budget sector from the Chinese mobile makers.

In this article, we will take a look at the work and position of the Korean giant in the past 12 months.

Where was Samsung Successful in the year 2015:

However, all the profits from Samsung have now started declining, but nevertheless it released its best ever smartphones last year i.e. in 2015. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus proved out to be the game changers. Both these phones are packed with the amazing curved display, which bolstered the smartphone market and gained huge appreciation for their sober and conservative design.

Today, when the smartphone market is more inclined towards software part it becomes quite difficult to do something different with a slab of metal and glass. However, Samsung proved out to be a great player with its Galaxy S6 phone which featured an impressive battery life and premium metal build.
All these aforementioned smartphones from the Korean giant came with the specifications including impressive cameras, better android and faster performance that only the iPhone devices from Apple can hold to.

Failures incurred by the manufacturer in the past year:

As we know, one big miscalculation stands out from Samsung this year, which made its head of mobile, JK Shin, pay heavily for his job. During the launch, Samsung made a huge play of its Galaxy S6 Edge phone, but also made it quite clear that this handset was thought to be the niche proposition of the flat screened flagship phone of the company i.e. Galaxy S6.

However, the consumers did not agree and were also desperate enough to get their hands-on the curved screen phone of the maker. There was just one issue with this handset that enough quantity was not manufactured by the Korean giant for the consumers. The phone went out of stock as soon it was released to the market and the customers were highly disappointed finding that Sammy has not made enough number of devices for them.

Overall, we found in the year 2015 that Samsung did not manage to sell enough of its best smartphones that needed to keep up its fight against Apple. Also, if we look at the legal things the Korean giant incurred more losses in its patent battle with the Cupertino’s giant.

Another failure for the smartphone manufacturer was to include Google’s latest software in its latest Galaxy A series. The aforementioned failures make it quite clear why the company has made an announcement that it will see a new CEO to look after its smartphone division in the New Year.

Areas of Improvement where Samsung should take a look in 2016:

According to us, Samsung should start selling more phones this year and should be fast enough in shipping these for the customers. However, the giant is the biggest mobile maker of the world, but with its profits falling the other manufacturers are all set to take its position. Apple is about to roll out a new revised iPhone 7 series in 2016, which will come with a lot more than ever expected from an iPhone.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge will be released in February, with more devices ready sooner to got to meet the huge demand from the consumers. Samsung’s budget handsets are also expected to do a lot better in China, for this the maker is already set to release Galaxy A range in China. However, without the latest version of Android these smartphones will leave Samsung open to accusations that it is not at all interested in delivering the best experience for the consumers.

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