Images Show the Ugly Aftermath of the Note 7 That Explodes While Charging

This news will disappoint the Samsung lovers. After being proved as the most advanced and creative device of Samsung, presently there is negative news about the Note 7 also. Some genuine images are found that reveal that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded at the time of charging. These images are sourced from China and the device looks original in the images. These images are nothing but really awkward. It really looks such ugly that you would definitely want to throw it out. If you want to know the reason behind the explosion of the Note 7, you must check out these images.

Although Samsung had overconfidence about its Note 7’s superb build quality as well as the utilization of Gorilla Glass 5, some reports also showed that the glass easily got scratches. So, this news is just breaking the confidence of the Note 7.
This misfortune appears to have occurred because of the utilization of the micro-USB to Type-C converter cable utilized only for charging. You should get too much worried as this might have been because of the use of a third-party cable rather than a genuine product of Samsung.

We recommend you to use just genuine products of Samsung to perform different tasks on your phone, with the inclusion of charging. You won’t see the best results if you use the third-party cables for charging. It in fact can burn your phone.

The images show that the phone’s left side has been totally burnt and it can’t be repaired any more. It is to be noted that this is the first ever unlucky accident happened to the Galaxy Note 7.

This actually comes while Samsung have declared that they can’t meet the big demand for the Note 7. So, they just have increased the product to fulfill the demand and are on a high after the huge response from the population.


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