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Why You Should Purchase Apple’s new iPhone 7

It is found that Apple’s new flagship iPhone 7 will be arriving with a massive storage capacity. However, this new handset could arrive with even more storage for your all apps, videos and photos.
Well, its good news for iPhone lovers as they can advantage from more storage space than ever with this new device of Apple.

According to the reports, Apple iPhone 7 will sport up to 256GB of storage, which is really a big storage amount for any modern smartphone as it is more than enough to store hours of video and thousands of images.iPhone-7

Apple has also unveiled that a new higher level of online iCloud storage could also back up the enlarged capacity of iPhone 7 than before.
This new iCloud tier provides a big 2TB of storage for only £19.99 per month, marking the biggest space amount provided by the company by far.

The company also provides 50GB of storage for £0.79 per month and 200GB of storage for £2.49 per month, with every user getting 5GB free of cost.
It is also expected that the new iPhone will drop the high quality 3.5mm headphone port in support of the Lightning port of Apple, in spite of thousands of fans signing the petition contending such a move.iphone-startup-white

Otherwise, the iPhone 7 is anticipated to be the first smartphone of Apple to come with a dual-camera set-up.
Depending on the most recent leaks and rumours, the handset’s side-by-side tear twin cameras will look like a pill-shaped and elongated protrusion from the back panel made of aluminum.

According to rumours, the strange new camera would enable the iPhone users to click a wide-angle photo simultaneously – and also a zoomed-in or cropped version of the same image.
In accordance with other rumoured features, the new iPhone 7 will arrive with a faster Wi-Fi and 4G speeds, water resistant case and a faster A10 processor.

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