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The iPhone 8 May Ultimately Receive the Wireless Charging Modules

The iPhone 7 has launched just two months ago. However, we are finding that the attention is as of now turning to the big Apple smartphone launch of the next year.

Apple, the tech titan is inclined to go directly previous launching the ‘S’ version of its existing mobile, and will rather introduce the iPhone 8 next year. Not like the device of this year – criticised by some for a small upgrade – the iPhone of 2017 is rumored for being a game-changer and will launch some new features and technologies in one fell cascade.
One of the biggest rumours related to the iPhone 8 is that it will receive a totally edge-to-edge OLED display, without any button whatsoever on the face of the phone.iphone-8-concept

Presently, the latest report issued by Nikkei recommends that the iPhone 8 could reveal a feature many of the Android competitors of Apple as of now have up their sleeves, i.e. wireless charging.
In accordance with the paper, Foxconn, the manufacturing partner of Apple is presently testing the modules of wireless charging, which might make their way into the smartphone of the next year.

Some rumours also say that it is not clear whether the wireless charging will be a feature included in every forthcoming model of the iPhone 8, otherwise, if it will be provided exclusively on the iPhone 8 Plus, only as the iPhone 7 Plus of this year has superb camera hardware.

At present, rumours regarding wireless charging are no more new and Apple is believed to have high ambitions for the technology.
Prior this year it was reported that the organisation was analyzing prolonged wireless charging that would enable users for doing away with their charging mats. Rather, the new technology would enable Apple for using radio waves for reaching and recharging mobiles up to 15ft. away.

The iPhone 8 is going to come on next September, so there is still enough time before everything is unveiled.

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