Samsung Galaxy S8 Set To Be the World’s First Smartphone With 8GB of RAM

The rumours regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8 handset is still going on. Even, there is no interval in sight, with the inclusion of during the holidays. An enthusiastic tipster with a good Chinese micro-blogging record while it comes to unveiling the future of top-notch smartphone updates predictions of a huge memory bump and an essential internal storage increase also.

Well, this is not at all the first time you are hearing of the probability that the Galaxy S8 could feature a chart-buster 8GB RAM; however, following encouraging the previous gossip, the inside consent was the redemption effort of the Note 7 would finally settle for just 6GB of the decent stuff.samsung_s8-minAt present, we are again dreaming the bigger and predicting Samsung for doubling down, in addition to moving up from the UFS 2.0 standard to 2.1 speeds. That implies the UFS (Universal Flash Storage) of the Samsung Galaxy S8, possibly completing the 256GB capacity, will be much quicker than anything you have been handling till now.

Nevertheless, it remains for being seen whether maybe the microSD card slot would again leave the comparison, and we are still left thinking whether 8GB of RAM is not excessive. In fact, along with the increment of internal memory storage, you will also find the exciting new powerhouses of Exynos 8895 and 10nm Snapdragon 835 processors.

Well, this is the first time you hear the smartphone could have 8GB of memory. That would be an excellent feat for this phone; however, let us hope it will not affect the battery life.

In order to know more about the S series premium handsets of Samsung, you will need to wait for the official announcement, which could possibly happen either at the Mobile World Congress Event 2017 in February or in April at the New York Event.

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