HTC might release two Nexus phones this year

We saw Google launching two Nexus smartphones at the same time last year, the LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P. A very new style was adopted by Google for the first time, as it decided to go with both the mainstream size and a phablet for the Nexus lines. According to the new reports, this is expected to be repeated in 2016.

A new rumor has come out of China, which is yet not confirmed officially but says that we can see two Nexus devices hitting the streets this year also. The reports say that one of these devices will get a 5 inch display while the other one will sport a 5.5 inch screen. If we believe these rumors to be true then it will be an odd move for the mobile world, where the handsets generally get bigger every year and not smaller. Google’s last year phones, the Nexus 5X a 5.2 inch display while the Huawei Nexus 6P has a 5.7 inch screen.

Also, the original Nexus 6 phone from Motorola was provided by a 6 inch display. This screen size was though shrinked in its successor so anything is possible with Google. One more interesting thing here is that both the phones are expected to be manufactured by HTC in 2016.

As we know, the Taiwanese giant was in trouble for last few months considering its sales records. But now with this move it might get some spotlight for the right reasons once more. On the other hand, the analysts who has leaked this news says that even two Nexus phones will also be too little to help HTC escape from all its problems. If we go to the past, the Nexus 9 tablet from 2014 did not get the success HTC hoped to receive from this device.

Also, Huawei was also in process for producing the Nexus phones for the year 2016 but the Chinese maker then lost out to the Taiwanese giant in the end. Obviously, we can’t be sure with all of this as the information has come out from just one person so we can’t take it as confirmed news.

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