Microsoft Lumia 650 will not be released until mid-February

Microsoft was expected to launch its new Lumia 650 handset by 1st February this year but now the source claims that this handset will not rolled out until mid-February. Apparently, we can say that the introduction of Lumia phone is delayed until mid of the coming month.

According to the reports, the reason behind this delay is some kind of software issues reported on this Lumia handset from Microsoft. This information could be believed as true because the source is quite close to the matter.

There were some news recently that Microsoft will not make this handset official at any launch event but it will be launching the Lumia 650 phone via a blog post from the company. However, this could also be the case that Microsoft has made the users to wait some more to get hands-on with their Lumia phone. As the announcement is delayed, we are assuming that this new handset will become available for purchase soon after it.

There is also some information that the metal edge of this smartphone is laser cut, which means that it is going to be matte on both the sides but is shinier on the edges. Microsoft’s Lumia 650 handset is also said to be the only new Lumia branded phone that is being launched by the manufacturer this year. And it’s also reported that the company has no plans to launch another Lumia phone in 2016. Also, there are some rumors that this could be the last Lumia phone from Microsoft.

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