Samsung Galaxy S7 front camera and display surface in live images

Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone, Galaxy S7, is just a month away from its official announcement which is due for 21st February. The phone has already been surfaced in several rumors and leaks for past few months. And this makes us almost entirely familiar with the specifications and appearance of this upcoming handset from Samsung. Now, the reports reveal that some photos of the phone are leaked out straight from the production line.

samsunggalaxy s7_ffc

One of the images leaked out shows the front camera modules of the Galaxy S7 phone’s internal designation. The images show the model number SM-G930F for the phone, plus F at the end for regional version stamped on the board. If we believe it to be something, then it’s the revision number 5 of the module, judging by the R05 marking.

Samsung’s current flagship smartphone, Galaxy S6 has it centered but the new camera on S7 will get its connector offset to one side. Second image reveals the entire smartphone in developer attire, which makes its design almost recognizable. The images leaked are showing the purpose of the rig, to get a purpose device for testing purpose and doesn’t reveal much of the looks.

There is a sticker on the top of the brand name, but the home button and capacitive key markings also state that the product is manufactured by Samsung.

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