Samsung might launch phone upgrade programme alongside Galaxy S7 phone

Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to be launched at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) next month, but the reports suggest that it is not the only announcement up on sleeves of the Korean giant. According to the reports, Samsung is also preparing a phone upgrade scheme for its phone owners. This scheme will work as the currently available Apple iPhone upgrade programme works.

You will have to pay a monthly fee to the Korean giant and can easily upgrade to its latest phone at any time rather than waiting for the contract to end. It also has facility allowing you to choose your network as long it supports the Samsung device you are using.

As per reports, this plan will include some insurance similar to the Apple Care+, which is currently being offered by the Cupertino’s giant with its iPhone upgrade programme. It is expected to launch in the native market of South Korea of the company first. It will be released in the month of March, during the same time when the Galaxy S7 will go on sale.

Samsung is expected to unveil its Galaxy S7 phone in February at the MWC event to be held in the coming weeks. This smartphone will go on sale on 11th March this year.


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