Microsoft Lumia 650 is now official and is bound for Cricket Wireless

Microsoft has now launched its Lumia 650 handset, which is reported to be made for enterprise. This smartphone features a 5 inch display with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution but the remaining specifications are quite lacking. It comes powered by a Snapdragon 212 chipset with a quad core processor under the hood clocked at 1.3 GHz speed. There is a 2,000 mAh battery and 1GB RAM for faster processing.
Now, there are reports that Microsoft has posted a support page for this handset which links it to a user guide for this smartphone. The listing for the guide on the support page mentions the name Cricket. As we already know, Cricket was the first US carrier in the year 2015 to offer Microsoft’s Lumia 640 mid-range phone. And now it looks like Apple is all set to do the same thing with the successor of this handset in 2016 as well.

Thus, Cricket will sell the Lumia 650 phone which is just made official by the tech giant and this confirmation comes from the Microsoft’s official website, from the support page for this handset. Microsoft enables you to download the “Lumia 650 User Guide Cricket” in PDF form from this support page of the Lumia 650 smartphone.

Above information leaves us with no doubt that the newly launched smartphone of the tech giant will be offered by the retailer Cricket. However, where other retailers are already taking pre-orders for this smartphone overseas with 18th February to be the expected date of its release, Cricket on the other hand will start selling the Lumia 650 from April this year.

Microsoft’s phone will be priced at $200 at Cricket and while this model has the latest Microsoft office applications pre-installed. On the other hand, most of the businesses that plan on giving this phone to their employees will purchase it via other available channels. Also, there are reports that Cricket will sell this handset to consumers as a low cost phone which will go along its pre-paid service.

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