Motorola Moto X3, a 5 inch phone is coming soon

Motorola Mobility remained quite this year and did not announce any products. The only change seen in the company was in its CEO, Rick Osterloh. On the other hand, the company which is now taken over by Lenovo suggested that we shall soon be receiving new Moto X, Moto G and Moto E smartphones.

One of the upcoming Motorola phones will be named as Moto X3, which is the name shown in a listing in Zauba, a website that tracks imports and exports to and from India. The website is listing “Motorola Moto X3”, though it’s quite unlikely that “Motorola” branding will be used on the final product. On the other hand, we are expecting this phone to come with “Lenovo” branding. Overall, these phones will feature 5 inch display and single SIM GSM.


Also, the X3 moniker is a bit confusing because Motorola never released its Moto X phones with a Moto X2 name, the latest one from the manufacturer is the Moto X Pure Edition. In the past also, Zauba revealed the names of various unannounced smartphone, so we are a bit inclined to believe that Moto X3 is a real one.

Earlier this week, we heard about two other unreleased Moto models with model numbers XT1700 and XT1706. These two handsets are the part of Moto E series and will feature 5 inch displays with 720 pixels resolution. Both these smartphones will come powered by MediaTek processors and 2 GB RAM for faster processing speed. These run on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. Currently, we don’t know how the new Moto X3 will compare to the above mentioned XT1700 and XT1706 but we hope to find this out soon.

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