Galaxy note 6, Possibly a Better Option to Choose over Your Laptop

You might wish to wait for Samsung to disclose its next best thing, if you still haven’t bought a Galaxy S7 Edge or a Galaxy S7. Well, the Galaxy Note 6 has already come through different rumours and some recent reports provide enough new information regarding this upcoming smartphone. It is not surprising that you will fall to buy this phone definitely after seeing its looks.

According to the report of Samsung Mobile, Galaxy Note 6 will have a USB Type-C port. However, it is still not clear whether USB 3.1 will be supported by this reversible port or not.Samsung Note 6 Rumour Image

As per the report from Android Geek, the Galaxy Note 6 will have the same camera which Galaxy S7 has, yet there is big twists also that an infrared autofocus module will be included by it.

Samsung is trying to get some improvement upon autofocus, which is already greatly fast on the Galaxy S7 smartphone. According to a source, it is said that at present Samsung is examining two prototypes of Galaxy Note 6, one with a camera setup similar to the Galaxy S7’s and another one with IR autofocus.

Ultimately, Gizmo China tells us in a report that this August, this latest Note smartphone must be introduced at any point. This handset must have a 4,200 mAh battery, 6GB of RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 processor (upgraded version of Snapdragon 820), and a 5.8 inches display with 2K resolution. Possibly, this mobile phone will come with a 256GB capacity and it is going to happen for the first time for Samsung as it is already known that such storage is mass-produced by Samsung, yet it is still unclear what devices it will be suitable for. Additionally, as per this report, the handset will be carrying IP68 water and dust certification.

Considering these specifications are authentic, the Galaxy Note 6 possibly a better option for choosing over your present laptop, which is possibly how Apple would launch it if it were for making such a gadget.

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